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I used to be a mouse gamer only up to 2000 though.I discovered your trackball the optical 1.0 after going threw every trackball avadable at the time i discovered its egernomic design was the best for gaming.

I posted a review on CNET and attached the link for you.....

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Rolling the trackball with a finger moves the mouse cursor around the screen, so you never need to strain your wrist.All the ergonomic benefits of a small form factor wrist rest pad, but with the added convenience and control of an embedded Optical Trackball.

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Okay first we have to remove the trackball from the mouse body, to do this, flip over the trackball mouse and locate a hole that looks at the trackball. put the eraser of a pencil, the non business end of a pen or your finger through the hole and push the trackball out.The Expert Mouse Wired Trackball from Kensington is a well-established and proven mousing solution.

Well, you can still use the optical mice we have nowadays but I would definitely try using these modern-style retro mice.View as Grid List. Show. per page. PERIMICE-201 II P - Wired PS2 Optical Mouse.Sakasa Mouse This program serves to reverse the mouse movements.

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Our trackball products ensure a pain-free computing experience.

If you spend many hours, day-in-day-out using a desktop computer desk with an optical mouse as you proudly put it.With a basic optical mouse from Microsoft, you can navigate quickly and easily with the croll wheel, work on virtually any surface, customize the buttons and work with either hand.As dirt and grime builds up around the trackball, the mouse cursor may jerk.Experience ergonomic comfort and smooth, accurate cursor navigation with this TrackMan Marble wired ambidextrous trackball mouse.

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After Logitech stopped making the T-CL13 and I needed a new trackball, I tried the replacement model, the Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical.

Enjoy the comfort and productively of trackballs, available from Kensington.It is an ideal product for 3D designers, engineers and architects.

Even though the mouse is a basic pointing device, it can have several unique designs, features, and comfort levels.A trackball is an upside-down mouse that may get positioned inside a socket and retains on rotating on the same stage.

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Smaller in size than most trackball mice, the Kensington Orbit comes with a soft, wrist rest made of rubber.