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Food in Every Country: Algeria to France, Germany to Japan, Kazakhstan to South Africa, and Spain to Zimbabwe, Cumulative Index.In the World Showcase, both the table service and counter service options allow you to get tastes of exotic.

One of my favorite fast food places to eat, Burger King was officially established in 1954 in Miami, Florida by two Hotel Administration graduates from a local college.Select your favorite chain from the list below to see where there is a branch close by, then you can get the phone numbers and the opening hours of the fast food points nearby you.This segment accounts for more than 50% of sales in the entire restaurant sector.There are many reasons this is true, but they all relate to changes in the world around us.

For ease and convenience—not to mention price—fast food is tough to beat.

Below is a list of all fast food restaurants of which we have menu prices.

Welcome to our list of the Top 30 Places for Local Food on Maui.The city oozes restaurants, unique culinary traditions, and foodies spoiled by an enviable selection of local produce.Thanks for all the tips specially the places to see for free and the cheaper foods to find and still enjoy the food and the view.Known to cure hangovers, after eating this masterpiece of Korean flavor, I suffered a Korean food hangover and all I wanted to do was collapse on a sofa and take a nap.

Take a look at all of the amazing and delicious dining options onboard a Carnival cruise.Food 39 Fast-Food Restaurants Definitively Ranked From Grossest To Least Gross.

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Find places to eat fast food near your location on Google maps.

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Our favourite places to eat and drink without going topside.All along Yaowarat road, street stalls and small restaurants serve up some seriously tasty treats.

At the end of the year, here we are, catching our breath, taking an ever-so-brief look back, appreciating each and every moment of the ride, just before it all starts up again.

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In a new regular feature, the Post food critic shares meals that stand out from the lot.